David Leach

David’s career as a cartoonist, writer and editor spans over 30 years. His first job was working as the Oscar-winning animator Bob Godfrey’s ‘ghost artist’ for HENRY’S CAT. His current job is as Senior Creative Editor at Titan Comics.

His comic strips have been published in Oink, Toxic!, Whizzer & Chips, Gas, Brain Damage, UT, Moose Kid, Casper, Action Man, and LEGO Adventures. He’s worked for Marvel Comics, Marvel UK, BBC Worldwide, Panini, Egmont, Tundra, IPC, and Fleetway. He’s written comic strips for The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun and Private Eye.

He co-created, THE DRIVER for cult British comic TOXIC and his most popular character, PSYCHO GRAN for the much-loved kids comic, Oink.

In conjunction with Dead Universe Comics he’s published three issues of DAVID LEACH CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE, three issue of PSYCHO GRAN VERSUS and two issues of PSYCHO GRAN COMIC CAPERS CAVALCADE.

All David’s comics can be purchased for £5.00 plus £2.00 P&P.  Please contact him at davidleach2000@yahoo.com.