Marc Jackson


Hello! Yes, these are MY comics! I do a number of things, self-publishing comics which you can see here and I also create characters and comics for publications, magazines, newspaper and cool things like that. Six years ago I was lucky enough to be asked to create two characters for the BEANO, Lenny the Lettuce and Dawgtective along with getting to draw all the cartoons for an online game that featured Gnasher just last year!

As well as making all of the comics, I also go into Schools and libraries (when it’s safe of course!) and work with comic festivals like the Lakes that are all about the comic art, which is such a fun way to make a living.

My main aim is to get my comics into the hands of as many young (and old) comics fans as I can. I see it as the mission that I chose to accept!

Feel free to take a look and load up those virtual LICAF tote bags with all the goodies!