SM Worsey & Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman is a Manchester-based actor, artist and playwright. SM Worsey (Ronny, to friends) is a Cumbria-based chef, cartoonist and vegan cookbook writer. The two began to collaborate in 2016 and produced three graphic novels published by Invisible Six Ltd: Borderliners: True Realities; Everyman: A Celebration of Patrick McGoohan & The Prisoner; and New Dawn Fades: A graphic novel about Joy Division and Manchester. Invisible Six later folded, though Brian and Ronny now self-publish their work and are excited to launch their latest book at LICAF. Animus: Consciousness Rising was written by Ronny and illustrated by Brian. The book tells the story of Bren; a badger who recruits a squad of animals to try and get revenge on cruel humans. A sort of Magnificent Seven meets Watership Down. With explosions and some pagan stuff.

Brian will also have a portfolio of original artwork for sale, and he takes commissions.