Tanya Roberts

Tanya studied classical animation at BCFE in Dublin but later branched out into comic books.

Tanya has since worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Titan/Panini), Toy Story (Boom! Studios), Strawberry Shortcake (Ape Entertainment), TMNT (IDW) and How to Train Your Dragon (Titan).

Tanya has recently worked on independent collaborations Hamster Punk and Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles (Winner of SICBA for Best artist and Best Cover) for Black Hearted Press. She also finds time for her own projects such as The Forgotten Muse.

Tanya is currently working on independent comic book series Abeyance, with writer Gabriel Guignol. The series was nominated for ‘BEST WRITER’ and ‘BEST SINGLE ISSUE’ at 2019 SICBA awards.

The spectacular final issue in the first volume is due for release in 2020.