Woodland Creatures


Cristina Roswell is a Spanish Urban Fantasy author and Art Historian. Originally from Spain, she’s been living in Edinburgh, Scotland, for the past 7 years.

Cristina is the creator of the Woodland Creatures graphic novel, a 3-volume urban fantasy series that tells the story of Callie and Christopher. They are lycanthropes that, instead of turning into wolves, can transmigrate their minds into the body of their amaroqs (wolves of sorts soul-bonded to them).

Callie and Chris form an explosive relationship as she’s a 25 y/o sociopath with a troubled past who doesn’t care about humanity and he’s a 35 y/o PTSD-suffering soldier who has to continuously clean after her mess (aka kills!). Together though, they must stop the US Army from weaponizing their kind (because of course they would!).

Volume 1 of the series was successfully funded through Kickstarter and released in February 2020. It is illustrated by Dark Horse’s artist Tomás Aira (Garth Ennis’ War Stories) and scripted by award-winning Spanish author Fali Ruiz-Dávila. Volume 2 will hit Kickstarter in August-September.