Blake’s 7: A Rebellion Reborn – The Audio Adventures

Blake’s 7 – The Audio Adventures: RebelTraitor and Liberator follow Blake’s incarceration; the forging of his legendary crew; and their capture of a mysterious alien spacecraft. On the run from the Federation, the crew of the Liberator fight back against a totalitarian regime personified by the manipulative Servalan and her loyal commander, Travis.

Covering the escapades of Avon, Jenna, Cally, Vila, Gan and Zen before they joined Blake’s rebellion and a pivotal moment in Commander Travis’s life, the Early Years series reintroduced the original cast and added many other impressive names to the world of Blake’s 7 on audio.

Written By: Ben Aaronovitch (Rebel, When Vila Met Gan, Eye of the Machine, Blood & Earth), Marc Platt (Traitor, Flag & Flame), James Swallow (Liberator, Point of No Return, Escape Velocity), Simon Guerrier (The Dust Run, The Trial)
Directed By: Andrew Mark Sewell (Rebel, Traitor, Liberator, When Vila Met Gan, Eye of the Machine, Escape Velocity), Duncan McAlpine (Point of No Return), Dominic Devine (Blood & Earth, Flag & Flame), Alistair Lock (The Dust Run, The Trial)

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