Brain Goblins Comic Book


Living with Brain Goblins can be a daily struggle, as they poke and prod at your brain neurons, making your body do all sorts of unusual things!

Brain Goblins is a comic book about living with Epilepsy, the difficulties it can create, and how to look on the bright side of such a complicated and unpredictable condition. The writer and illustrator, Sarah Spendlove, has lived with this condition all her life, and she wants to share her experiences, and her Brain Goblins with the rest of the world to raise awareness to help others.

This book is suitable for children and readers of all ages. The contents covers events from Sarah’s youth, into her teenage years and as an adult.

£1 from each sale will go to epilepsy charities across the UK, helping people of all ages with Epilepsy find the support they need to suit them and they’re Brain Goblins.

Note: This book contains events based on the writers experiences, and only shows her opinions. The book’s content should not be taken as medical advice.

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