Breakthrough Initiative: Our Time


Hannah Hodgson
Michael Lightfoot
Abbigayle Bircham
Danny Christie

This ground-breaking anthology showcases some of the newest and most exciting talents emerging in British Comics today.

Dealing with prejudices around disabilities; fantastical takes on climate change activism; exploring mental health issues in a multicultural society; and romance in a post-Brexit world, this collection of diverse and disparate comic creators reveals the myriad of voices and experiences across contemporary Britain.

Each story not only provides a unique perspective, but is illustrated with distinctive and accomplished artwork, giving a fascinating insight to four very different points of view. Heartbreaking, enraging, illuminating, amusing, and impassioned, Breakthrough: Our Time thoroughly entertains while challenging perceived beliefs.

“…My thoughts and emotions [have been] profoundly affected by the[se] unique and heartfelt narratives.”

—Dave Gibbons, from his foreword.

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