Extract from Page 45 Review by Stephen Holland

“Unicorn was sitting in his special writing house.
“I am going to write the most FABULOUS story in the world,” he thought.Brilliant! Full marks for ambition! A++

“This made him feel very pleased with himself.
“He already liked being a writer.”

Also for self-belief: once you start writing then you are indeed a writer! It’s finding the courage to put your first words to paper that’s the trick: actually starting in on your story…

But do you know what? Do it!

Don’t wait for inspiration to come knocking on your door; it’ll only be a cold-caller, touting for business. Clear your own mental gutters and begin doodling away, jotting down ideas! Start writing sentences – any sentences will do – until some start sounding right. They never will sound right until you begin!

That’s going to be Unicorn’s problem if he’s not careful. He’ll also have to overcome a certain degree of self-obsession; for one must always remember the value of friendship as the most important source of happiness, but also a well of that oh-so elusive inspiration.

What a deliciously vibrant book, with a dazzlingly shiny gold cover!

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