The Firelight Isle vol 1: Heavenly Blue


Paul Duffield – signed copy

Extract from review by Page 45’s Stephen Holland “One of the most beautiful books that I have ever beheld, THE FIRELIGHT ISLE’s production values are exquisite.

More pertinently, however, is its thoroughly innovative, highly intelligent, and visually thrilling composition. I have actually seen jaws drop upon showing customers this gorgeous graphic novel.

A series of vertical ribbons woven together quite often by colour from a sequence of tall, interlocking pages that flow freely when read on Paul Duffield’s website – yet which are each, individually, so satisfying to absorb in their own right – the cascade is carefully controlled by the insertion of horizontal sound-effects, embedded panels and the occasional stone hearth, tapestry or carpet.

Crisp blue, clean white and rich, warm terracotta (when arranged with such spacious precision) is ever so striking. It is especially so when combined with the recurrent motif of circular frames: windows which focus your attention on that which is most important, of what is happening right now or that which once occurred according to ancient lore.”

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