The Mystic Lamb: Admired and Stolen by Harry De Paepe and Jan Van Der Veken


The Mystic Lamb: Admired and Stolen is a mesmerising art history detective story that explores the intriguing mystery of Jan Van Eyck’s coveted the Ghent Altarpiece, with its central panel, the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, being the particular focus of attention.

Considered a masterpiece and one of the world’s most influential works, the Ghent Altarpiece has been the focus of intrigue, theft and mystery, and over the centuries has been subjected to arson, theft, mob violence, and enemy invasions. The Mystic Lamb panel became especially sought after and went missing for years, while the whereabouts of the missing ‘Just Judges’ panel remains a source of continual speculation, with some of the theories explored in the book.

In The Mystic Lamb: Admired and Stolen, Flemish history teacher Harry De Paepe teams up with illustrator Jan Van Der Veken to offer an informative, easy-to-read series of illustrated anecdotes that entertains and intrigues with equal pleasure.

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