The Pen is Mightier than the Word – Martin Rowson


Wordless comics on the state of the world from the UK’s leading political cartoonist, whose work has appeared in every major newspaper, except The Sun, but only because they never asked him. Martin Rowson’s latest book tackles the state of the world through seven ‘silent’ (wordless) comics. In his iconic style he delves into such eternal woes as lost love, faltering creativity, inequality, gluttony, despair, decay, death and the uncertain hopelessness of life everlasting.

​Alongside his political work he has written and drawn comic book versions of The Waste Land, Tristram Shandy, Gulliver’s Travels and The Communist Manifesto as well as Snatches, a novel, and Stuff, a memoir about his late parents which was longlisted for the 2007 Samuel Johnson Prize. His other books include The Dog Allusion: Gods, Pets and How to be Human and Fuck: The Human Odyssey and The Coalition Book, a collection of his most scathing cartoons about the last government.

“He reminds me more of Boswell, Searle, Hoffnung, Tidy and Steadman as well as the brilliant Maurice Richardson, Patrick Campbell and other inventive English humourists… I doubt very much that a funnier book will appear this decade.” – Michael Moorcock, The Guardian on Snatches

“A masterclass in comics layout that also heaves with visual gags and crackbrained codes to break.” – The Telegraph on Gulliver’s Travels

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