The Vegan Guide


Everything you need to embrace the world’s fastest growing way of life
By Alex Bourke and Ronny Worsey, two of Britain’s most experienced vegan teachers and authors

* Shopping and cooking tips: Fast and easy techniques. From everyday staples, to more adventurous dishes from around the world. How to replace meat, dairy products and eggs. Even includes bargain meal suggestions for tough times, little more than £1 a day.
* How veganism is changing, and saving, the world.
* The psychology of explaining veganism to family and friends.
* Shopping and eating out.
* The twenty tribes of vegan – which one is yours?
* Vegan shoes, clothing, cosmetics and alcohol.
* Nutrition in depth, by a dietitian.
* Raising vegan children, by a vegan mother, chef and counsellor.
* The truth about vegan pet food, by a top vegan vet.
* Discussing your diet with your doctor, by a vegan GP.
* Reversing diabetes type 2 with a wholefood vegan diet. Case studies and info.

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