Traces of the Great War


Marguerite Abouet, Charlie Adlard, Simon Armitage, Edmond Baudoin, Juan Diaz Canales, Aurélien Ducoudray, Efa, Ergun Gunduz, Regis Hautiere, O. Hiroyuki, Joe Kelly, Kris, Denis Lapiere, Virtuel L’Atelier, Victoria Lomasko, Mael, Dave McKean, Mikiko, Robbie Morrison, J.D. Morvan, Ken Niimura, Sean Phillips, Ian Rankin, Riff Reb’s, A. Samama, Scie-Tronc. Orijit Sen, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Thomas Von Kummant

Priced at a ridiculously affordable £14-99 for a 150-page, album-sized hardcover, TRACES OF THE GREAT WAR is part of 14-18 NOW and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival’s continued campaign to keep the impact and legacy of WWI alive in our minds, just as Dave McKean’s BLACK DOG did so successfully before it; to make us sit up and think once again about so much that was endured by those caught in the merciless clutches of a physically horrific and mentally shattering First World War before being left mind-blinded, angry and exhausted in its wake.

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